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About Us

Supertech Ltd., a socially aware company, is significantly contributing towards growth of the society. The company knows its social responsibility to give back a certain share to the socio-economic growth. As part of CSR, various initiatives have been taken.

Supertech provides support like running of community centres, adoption and maintenance of parks and walkways where families spend time together further enriching their lives.

The company believes, Social responsibility is about giving something back, and does this with its every project. It believes in giving its clients a place to live, work and flourish. It builds developments that enhance their surroundings to enrich people's lives.

The company has also started 'Kaksha' - a CSR activity at its ongoing projects to educate the poor children in the area and the labourers working at the project sites. The programme is an initiative of "Supertech Foundation" a Trust established by Mr. R. K. Arora and his family members.