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About Us

R K Arora

Dear Friends,
Our conglomerate has always believed "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going". Thus, Supertech is always prepared to meet the challenges posed by time and changing aspirations. Aptly backed by the strong networks of suppliers, craftsmen and designers, our buildings and complexes are landmarks in their respective locations. Our R&D includes working increasingly in various topologies on the one hand, and the dynamics of the technologies on the other. This is what helped us continuously orient and reorient synergies of design and materials to dedicated uses.

I hope that the following year will be one with greater achievements, like the one gone by. All the best.

Board of Directors

Sangita Arora
Joint Managing Director

Mohit Arora
Managing Director

Anil Sharma

G L Khera

Vikas Kansal

Pradeep Kr. Goel

A K Jain

K G Arora

Anil Kr. Seth
Director (Precast)
Principal Officers

Ashok Agarwal
Sr. VP - Finance & Accounts

Ashok Vardhan Singh
Sr. VP - Business Development & PR

S K Chaudhary
Sr. VP - Projects

Naveen Khanna
Sr. VP - Sales

Moutani Goswami
Sr. VP - Luxury & International Sales

Sanjay Mittal
VP - Finance & Accounts

Sanjay Arora
VP - Banking Div. & Direct Sales

Mahesh Patel
VP - Legal

Arun Mathur
Group CIO

Gyanendra Singh Chaudhary
VP - Purchase

Govind Bisht
VP - Sales & Marketing

Subhashish Nag
VP - Technical

Ch. Yagna Brahmam
VP - Project Administration

Girish Kumar Gulla
VP - Sales & Marketing

Rakesh Kumar Goel
VP - Sales

Neeraj Kr. Singhal
VP - Contracts

Suresh Chandra Tripathi
VP - Technical (Precast)

Naresh Kr. Sharma
AVP - Facilities & Support functions

S K Saxena
AVP - Commercial Sales

Vijay Kr. Mewani
AVP - Planning

Vikas Tyagi
AVP - Mall Operations

Naveen Bhatia
AVP - Retail Leasing

Anurag Srivastava
Company Secratary

Ashish Gujral
Head - Architect

Mandeepa Ahluwalia Joshi
Head - Corporate Comm.