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Properties In Ghaziabad
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Properties In Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad properties are located in the prime sectors of Ghaziabad and within reach of the metro station. These residential properties have excellent connectivity to medical facilities, shopping centers & schools. Each property has been carefully designed to allow superior ventilation and a spectacular view of the landscape.


Supertech Livingston, Crossings Republik in Ghaziabad

  • Livingston is a part of integrated township spread across 36 acres
  • 70 percent green area, 3 sided open vastu friendly Plot
  •  2 BHK and 3 Bedrooms apartments, area of which range between 850 Sq. Ft. to 2075 Sq. Ft.
  • Swimming pool with kids pool, Gymnasuim with sona & steam bath

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The property market in Ghaziabad has been witnessing a boom due to its proximity to Delhi. A number of real estate projects are being executed in this region which has seen a splurge in the demand for properties in Ghaziabad. There has been an improvement in infrastructure and transport facilities in Ghaziabad making it a top choice for property investment in Delhi NCR region. Availability of green and open spaces and connectivity with metro has made it an attractive investment option. There is a huge demand for both affordable and luxury housing in this region. Ghaziabad has already featured among top 10 most dynamic cities in the world hence one should invest in it.

Supertech, one of the leading real estate promoters and developers who have successfully developed several properties in Ghaziabad has launched an affordable township project here. Have a look:

Livingston, Ghaziabad
This is a township project which is coming up amidst 360 acres of lush green space. Located in the heart of Ghaziabad, it comes with 70% of open living space. Livingston offers you affordable housing in a pollution free environment in co-existence with nature. This project is located in Crossings Republik which is India’s first global city.

Livingston gives you access to ultra modern living clubbed with a swimming pool, golf course, gymnasium, shopping mall, daily need store and hospital.

Since it is located very close to Airport, Railway Station and Metro line, this makes it an ideal investment in terms of housing and investment.

Since Ghaziabad is developing at a very rapid pace, it has emerged as one of the most advanced cities in Delhi NCR region making it an ideal investment destination.

So don’t miss the opportunity, call Supertech today and book your dream house in Livingston, Ghaziabad, the next housing revolution of the country.